Sara Killough (Extra Credit – Question 2)

494 Words 

            In today’s world, the technology media circulation is inescapable, for just about everyone in society is connected in this millenniums’ digital technology and is sometimes referred to as “democratizing television.” As mentioned in the required reading, the idea of enabling audience generated content (feedback) and participating in-group collaboration has opened new doors in the type of media being produced for the public to see. Known as, the Digital Revolution, the reading says today’s world begins the “new age of individualism” which is easily exemplified by websites like YouTubeImage where individuals can create their own videos, montages, slide shows, etc. and post them for the public to see. With having such accessible and easy technology to use, the urge of media participation is more desirable and circulates much quicker than it use to.

Although technology is often used for personal use, it is also used by companies to help target audiences and obtain their attention in a positive way, for the media world enables many outlets to connect with consumers. Convergence is a term used by the book to explain how companies implement a flow of content across multiple media channels. In return they hope to develop multiple ways of selling to consumers (email, television commercials, billboards, etc.), develop customer loyalty, and help shape consumer behavior. These companies strive to collectively change the marketplace, especially by getting feedback from participating consumers whom they hope to hear from.

The idea of watching TV online or the traditional cable/satellite way has taken over this media world. For at any time of the day, one is able to watch videos, shows, or movies from anywhere they are depending on what type of mobile technology they have. ImageObviously, this type of accessibility is much different from the 1960s and 80s, for at those times TV was just emerging into the media market and raising awareness/excitement for consumers. There were limited amount of channels, series, and movies available on the everyday television set. The “Golden Era of American Television” emerged at this time though, opening many new doors in the media world and introducing the ideas of combining theater, radio, and filmmaking. What seemed so new and outstanding then is nothing compared to the options today.Image Now, people can access the Internet, video games, order movies, etc. from their television at home with little to no effort. 

As mentioned before, YouTube has become an Internet sensation for video posting and blogging. It is on sites like this that people have the chance to act/speak freely and create things that they want to share worldwide. By doing this people can see a wide array of point-of views, as well as educate themselves on things they might have missed that were previously aired on TV, etc. I think the use of social media is a very powerful thing and it can be used in both positive and negative ways; however, in today’s world, without such things one would be lost. 

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