Final Exam-Question #1

By:Jeffrey Chase

Word Count:538

Final Exam

Since the 1700’s, when New World colonists were fighting England in the Revolutionary War, newspapers have played significant roles in communicating to the press (King, 317). Once the revolutionary war began in 1775, Newspapers began to reach Americans attention when there was talk of separation from England. Our founding fathers felt that, “a free and unencumbered press was considered critical to self-government.” (King, 319) By 1791 first Amendment of the United States constitution was passed and granted freedom of speech and press. By the early 1800’s, newspapers in the United States became the most vital medium. While these newspapers grew other technology advances were created. The first major technology advancement was the creation of the telegraph by Samuel Morse. The telegraph essentially laid the foundation for electronic communication, and allowed communication over massive distances, which gave the telephone, it’s beginning. The second major advancement was the Linotype in 1886. This allowed for the text to be sent across a line and give other users access to information quicker. Very quickly Newspapers began to expand and several jobs were needed.

By the 20th century, due to the technological advancement in television and radio, newspapers have begun to see a major decline. In the book Currents of Communication, “The united Stated had 267 fewer newspapers in 1990 that it had in 1940.”(King, 321) With the convergence of the radio and television newspapers have struggled in keeping up with this transformation of media coverage. This has forced major news organizations to take different approaches of experimenting to make newspapers more feasible. The business model for newspapers has changed drastically as journalists need to understand media and Internet. With the advent of Internet and the instant access of communication fewer and fewer people are willing to wait for news. The Internet has enabled thousands of individuals to communicate with one another and get information a lot quicker. While newspapers must compete with these mediums, more images and catchy colors with catchy headlines appear as it try’s to catch the people eye.


The Baltimroe Sun uses the Internet informs the press about news in sports, politics, business, life, health, entertainment, and events. With several articles they allow several places for people to post their opinions and comments on articles and videos. Not only do they have opinion and comment posts they have blog reactions, which allows a person to personally give a video reactions, and in result allows people to get a better grasp of the story. The homepage on the Sun has several advertisements, videos and pictures that make the homepage more appealing. There are also “Hot Topics” which focuses on upcoming releases of movies and important events that are upcoming, like the Preakness. Lastly the Sun connects major headline news to other major media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With the other media outlets, the Sun is able to connect to people through images and quick headline news, which people like on Facebook, and is reposted to newsfeeds which hundreds of people are exposed to. The reason I think they use new media in technology is to keep people up to date and informed with the major news in a fun and attractive way so people are continuously interested in what is happening.


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